Don’t let your applications become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. With security testing, you can test all aspects of your application for things like discrepancies in code and user authentication to make sure hackers can’t get in.

Benefits of Security Automation:
  • Reduce risk
  • Safeguard data
  • Protect brand image
  • Improve trust from customers

Security Automation Feature

Vulnerability Scanning

Identifies any systems that are subject to known vulnerabilities and reports on risk exposures.

Penetration Testing

Simulates an attack from a malicious hacker by gathering information about the target before the test, identifying points of entry, attempting to break in, and reporting on findings.

Risk Assessment

Identifies low, medium, and high risks during an analysis of security and recommends implementation measures to mitigate the risks.

Security Auditing

Internally inspect an application for security flaws and make sure the application complies with a set of security criteria.

Get a Quick ROI Assessment

Data-Core - The Automation Company provides tool-agnostic pre and post implementation ROI assessments for our services. Our recommended approach takes 4-6 weeks to assess your business needs.

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