PRESS RELEASE: Data-Core Systems’ AutoML platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure, aggregates machine learning models to reduce risk in predictions

Date: 1 October, 2020

 Data-Core Systems’ suite of automated interfaces makes machine learning affordable and timely…

Data-Core Systems’ suite of automated interfaces makes machine learning affordable and timely while increasing accuracy and enhances data security.

The Philadelphia-based, 32-year old consulting, R&D, and IT services company announces the launch of a new platform that allows companies to compare predictions using multiple machine learning algorithms. Three AutoML models are used, based on the best-fit model from a test dataset, including Microsoft’s Automated machine learning (Automated ML), a capability of Azure Machine Learning within the Azure AI platform. The final model uses Data-Core Systems’ custom code. All results are compared, aggregated, and shown via a dashboard, so the client can see the various outcomes and accuracy percentages.

The idea for the platform was from an effort to show a client the benefits of automated machine learning. After they saw the consistency in outcomes, their confidence grew. Data-Core Systems began offering the platform for clients to use on their own or combined with Data-Core’s other services.

The platform is ideal for small and mid-sized companies that want to harness the benefits of machine learning but aren’t in a position to hire full-time data scientists. Most clients start with one of Data-Core’s Automation Assessments, followed by Data-Core Systems’ offering, available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, of a one-hour implementation of Automated ML. This gives clients a glimpse of the potential benefits. They usually progress to the Automated ML multimodel platform to increase accuracy and confidence. In addition to AutomatedML, Data-Core Systems offers data preparation services and dashboard visualization implementation using Microsoft Power BI.

“You can be up and running in a day with a two-week trial period to see the benefits in your department,” says Abhijit Chakraborty, Head of Projects at Data-Core Systems. “You’ll be able to compare AutoML models to evaluate different analytics approaches and performance with the same data.”

Data-Core Systems recently launched an entire practice focused on automation, including Automation ROI Assessments, AutoML, Security Automation, Automated Data Management and Robotic Process Automation. For more information, visit or contact Amy Hastings at or 215-243-1928.

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