Don’t Let Your Data Be Siloed – Automate It

 Don’t Let Your Data Be Siloed – Automate It

Don’t Let Your Data Be Siloed – Automate It

More and more tools, services, and applications are coming to market to capture data, but is that data really useful when sitting in silos? It may seem like you have endless data sitting in storage warehouses with more coming in every day. With automated data management, you can filter out old, irrelevant data, and only pay attention to the data that is meaningful to your organization.

According to a study by the IDC, it is predicted that the worlds volume of data will be over 175 zettabytes by the year 2025. It can be overwhelming and feel impossible to harness all this data if not processed and stored effectively. Artificial intelligence can help you figure out what data is relevant to you and how you can monetize it.

Make your data work for you

Data that has been sitting in storage for years or even months is rarely useful to us today. In fact, between 60% and 73% of all data goes unused, according to a Forrester report. So how exactly do we sort through all this data and extract only what we need?

Sifting through petabytes of data can be time consuming if done manually. By utilizing machine learning, analytics, and customized workflows built for your need, you’ll be able to put your data to work with minimal human intervention. With the automation of data management, you can analyze, clean, and process your data more quickly and bring the most important data to the forefront.

How does Automated Data Management work? 

By filtering out irrelevant data, you can gain more meaningful insights crucial to your business. Every type of business, large or small, are seeing more and more of an influx of data that they must manage. In order to consistently and efficiently manage all of it, automation is key. Automating the scanning and processing will ensure consistency, speed and cause little error.

By automating the processing, you can immediately identify gaps, store and analyze real-time, fresh data and exclude stale data. When you process real-time data, you can gather real-time insights which can enable you to adjust aspects of your business on the fly. This allows you to become a more productive business in the long run.

Benefits of Automated Data Management 

While saving time and money is a huge benefit to implementing automated data management, organizations can also benefit through:

  • Defining which areas of your business need real-time streaming services 
  • Virtualizing data access services 
  • Streamlined data processing pipelines 
  • Extracting data in an easier, agile way  
  • Integrating data into business processes 

Data is critical to every organization in improving processes, making better business decisions, and ultimately improving your customer experience and ROI.

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