Automating data management plays a critical role in helping sift through and monetize the upcoming zettabyte apocalypse – the time when the amount of data generated will overwhelm storage resources.


Organizations are seeing enormous surges in their data sizes owing to the incorporation of mobile applications, social media, IoT devices, ecommerce, and CRM into their businesses today. This opens golden opportunities for organizations to employ their data to derive useful insights about their products and customers.


Is your organization ready to capitalize on the data residing in your warehouses and lakes?

Automated Data Management Benefits:
  • Processing is done on fresh, rich data and omits stale data
  • Insights are available in real-time
  • Higher ROI and cost-to-benefit ratio
  • Faster decision making

Automated Data Management Features

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify gaps in your data infrastructure and automate your data management pipeline from ingestion, to dumping the data, analyzing, cleaning, and processing.

Penetration Testing

Automated data processing only processes fresh data and eliminates data that has been residing in storage so you won’t miss out on critical, real-time insights.

Risk Assessment

Utilize machine learning, analytics, and customized workflows with minimum intervention and put your data to work.

Get a Quick ROI Assessment

Data-Core - The Automation Company provides tool-agnostic pre and post implementation ROI assessments for our services. Our recommended approach takes 4-6 weeks to assess your business needs.

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